Modules for Academic and Industrial R&D

Modules for Academic and Industrial R&D


Education Kit for Digital Optics

Optics is one of the core technologies for cross-field and future development of various industries. Spatial Light Modulator (SLM) and Software Development Kit (SDK) are the core technologies in this education kit. Digital Optics lead the students and users to easily enter Wave Optics and Fourier Optics. Besides, programmable optics bring these students and users who come from different research area can enter the new era of optical technology.


  • Subvert the traditional optical operation mode
  • Inspire the interest of the students and users and to reduce the barrier of the learning
  • Make the optical operation easier through the redefine optics with software
  • Redefine optical experiment with software and hardware learning methods
  • Significantly reduce the space of the optical laboratory 
  • Significantly reduce the purchase cost of the optical components
  • More than the functions of hundreds of optical lens you can design and create by yourself
  • Break through the traditional optical teaching, it provides a distance education and remote operation
  • The same optics course and material as the American Academy of Physics Teachers (AAPT)


Spatial Light Modulator (SLM)
Display TypeReflective LCoS
Resolution1920 x 1080
Pixel Pitch6.4 µm
Wavelength532 nm
Retardation2pi @ 532 nm
 Software Development Kit - Start Kit
 Hardware Handler
 Classical Lens
 Twisted Light
 LabVIEW, python available

Educational Kit for Digital Optic

Achieving the functions of hundreds of optical lens based on SLM and SDK

Thanks to all the universities, colleges and senior high schools in Taiwan for choosing Digital Optics Education Kit. Southport not just provide you a complete and innovative teaching courses, but also include the below highlights.

National Taiwan Normal University, National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University, National Tsing Hua University, Feng Chia University, Taipei Medical University, Tamkang University, University of Taipei, Tunghai University, Fu Jen Catholic University, Senior High School of National Taiwan Normal University, Ching Cheng High School, etc.

Teaching Excellence

Teaching field of Digital Optics Laboratory, Taipei: National Taiwan Normal University; Hsinchu: National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University; Taichung: Feng Chia University

Teaching Field

The Future of Optics is Programmable. The users realize how to write the programming language, such as Python, LabVIEW. It is easier for the users to cut in AI and Digital Optics technology.

Optics in Programming

Digital optics technology could be used in serval application fields, such as optical tweezer, 2D & 3D holographic display, bio medical inspection, material inspection, quantum computing, optical communication, etc.

Industrial Application

Witness from American Association of Physics Teachers, and Advanced Laboratory Physics Association, ALPhA)

National Witness


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