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Founding - Southport Co. was established in August 2014. The founding team gathered talents from cross fields such as optics, materials, physics, and information, introducing novel optical design concepts in optical engineering. Why - In various research and application fields, we found traditional optical inspection systems are generally time-consuming to adjust, complicated to operate, not easy to stay stable, and unfriendly to verify innovative ideas. Therefore, we aim to make optics more simplified, modularized and digitized. We enable researchers to focus more on research and development, improve experimental design concepts, increase research efficiency, shorten R&D cycle time, spur R&D creativity, and facilitate the progress of technology development. 2 Cores and 4 Pillars - Based on the two core technologies of 5D microscopy and digital optics, Southport has introduced brand-new optics concepts and technologies into four key application areas: advanced material analysis, biomedical imaging, microstructure and transparent material inspection, and digital optics. Southport is committed to focusing on solving critical problems for R&D, relieving the pains in practices for facilitating innovation. Through integrating the knowledge of light, mechanics, electronics, and software, incorporated with modular and digital design genes, and further combined with our knowledge and experiences, Southport is ready to provide the cutting-edge optical tools needed by academia and industry. Digging In - Southport continues to keep up with the industrial trend and leading R&D demand in the four application fields. In the area of advanced materials, we have been especially interested in 2D materials, compound semiconductors, perovskites, and micro-LEDs. We have contributed very well to cutting-edge research in biomedical fields, such as in vivo microimaging, in vivo brain science imaging, and super-resolution microscopy. We understand the pains of traditional optical inspection, such as high aspect ratio, microstructure, and transparent materials. Even frontier science and engineering technologies such as quantum light sources and quantum dots are areas where Southport continues to make in-depth contributions. Due to growing expectations from industries, Southport has also started to launch products to deal with the pain points of industrial development in advanced crystal materials and biomedicine, etc., hoping to contribute to the development of the industry with cutting-edge technology. Software-defined Optics - Recently, based on our expertise in optics and optical inspection we started to explore the potential of programmable and software-defined optics, giving a new soul to digital optics based on semiconductors, liquid crystal materials, and driving techniques. By taking advantage of the programmable nature of FPLA (Field Programmable Light Array), the light source and the light field can be manipulated more proactively and versatilely to effectively help simplify the optical design while increasing system flexibility, verification efficiency, and functionalities. It also greatly alleviates the pains of the traditional optical system design, focusing, and calibration. We have made digital optics a strong wing for optical engineering and optical education to take off again. Recently, based on our expertise in advanced optics and optical inspection, we are committed to exploring the potential of programmable and software-defined optics for digital optics with a new soul. By taking advantage of the programmable nature of FPLA (Field Programmable Light Array), the light source and the light field can be more proactively and versatilely manipulated to help simplify the optical design while increasing system flexibility, and verification efficiency, and functionalities. It also substantially alleviates the pains of the traditional optical system design, alignment, and calibration. We have made digital optics a software-defined tool for optical engineering and education with a brand new horizon! We are committed - to being the eye of advanced industries, the light of advanced technology, and becoming a local technology company to light up the world from Taiwan!

Vision & Mission

Our Vision
Be everyone's partner in optics

Our Mission
Make high-efficiency optics
Make super-resolution optics
Make user-friendly optics

Our Strategy
Modular Optics
Digital Optics
Software-Defined Optics

Southport - from Modulization to Digitization

from Modulization to Digitization

History & Milestone

being the Eyes of advanced Industries, the Light of advanced Technology


(Keep Innovating and forging ahead)


  • New office - XiZhi Farglory U-TOWN
  • Announced Super - Resolution Mircoscopy based on digital optics
  • Announced 3D Non-destructive Defect and Stress Inspection Technology for WBG compound semiconductor materials
  • JadeMat - Stationed in National Taiwan Semiconductor Center (TSRI) for advanced 2D material reserch
  • Launched the software development kit (SDK) for digital optics
  • "Innovation and Research Award" by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)


Form Builder

  • Invited to the Compound Semiconductor industry - academic alliance
  • JadeMat - Announced MicroLED Inspection for Epi and Chip Process
  • Fourier Microscopy - Parametric based and software defined optics that opens the gate for 2-way AI.


Form Builder

  • JadeSurf - adopted by DNP at the only module for online laser drilling inspecion
  • JadeMat - adopted digital optics using OAM for 2D material inspection
  • World's first vortex light (OAM) measurement system


Form Builder

  • Mr. Ken Tai, Chairman of PIDA introduced digital optics to Southport
  • The pioneering and pivotal company in Asia to promote digital optics
  • JadeBio system stationed in Brain Research Center of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)


Form Builder

  • JadeMat was verified as the only system capable of accurately measuring the characteristics of perovskite materials


Form Builder

  • Eastablished Southport optical laboratory
  • Entered into the market of China


Form Builder

  • Proposed the concept of advanced modular optics
  • Led the first optical paradigm shift
  • The first generation of automatic spectral system stationed in South ITRI and science park
  • JadeBio system stationed in School of Medicine, National Taiwan University (NTU)


Form Builder

  • "Outstanding Entrepreneurship Award" by MOST - Science and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Plan
  • Established in Southport


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