Inspection Services

Inspection Services

Micro-Photoluminescence (microPL) Mapping

Combining with non-destructive microPL spectrum and high-speed microPL imaging ability, we perform high-speed and high-resolution microPL mapping with a 20x faster speed than other brands. Each point on the XY plane contains a full microPL spectrum.

By introducing the analyzing methods of the peak position, peak intensity, and FWHM, the 2D image can directly display the features derived from the PL spectrum。

Laser Wavelengths:325nm、405nm、532nm

High-Speed Micro-Photoluminescence (microPL) imaging

We offer high-speed sub-micron resolution raster-scanning microPL images. We can acquire more detailed information through these high-resolution images compared to bright-field images.

Also, utilizing a scanning mirror, we can perform ROI (Region of Interested) snapshots to generate diffraction-limit high magnification images.

Excitation Wavelength:325nm、405nm、532nm
Bright-field imaging and high-speed microPL imaging
Image of hexagonal grain boundary of a perovskite film
二維材料大範圍 PL 高掃描影像

Bright-Field Microscope Imaging

We offer a quick view of the microscopic samples with crispy and high-resolution imaging through a built-in bright field microscope.

Micro-Photoluminescence (microPL) Spectrum

Through non-destructive microPL spectrum acquisition, we perform steady and solid spectrum results.

Combined with the power of optical sectioning of the confocal microscope, we can collect microPL spectra along Z-axis.

We directly analyze the microPL spectrum result with the peak position, peak intensity, and FWHM (full-width of half maximum).

Laser Wavelengths:325nm、405nm、532nm

Micro-Raman Spectrum

Raman spectrum is the molecule fingerprint that can distinguish different materials or examine the transformation of a particular material.

We can perform such a powerful analyzing method based on high-speed and high-resolution microPL images, where we can identify the exciting points with visualized features. We can have micron-scale precision to acquire Raman spectra by beam-steering to locate beam spots. Also, our system with the built-in confocal feature is suitable for depth-resolved Raman experiments.

Laser Wavelength:532nm
二維材料 MoS2 之高解析 PL 影像

Micro-Raman Mapping

We perform high-resolution Raman mapping with fast throughput by combining our high-speed scanner and Raman acquisition.

Our data reader helps analyze a massive spectrum mapping data set with one click. We display images of interested spectrum features, such as different peak positions, the intensities of different peaks… etc.

Laser Wavelength:532nm
MoS2 拉曼 Mapping 強度成像
A1g Peak Position Mapping

Micro Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Spectrum (microTRPL)

Utilizing a pulsed laser, the TRPL system, and our detectors' unique design, we can acquire TRPL spectra.

Using the non-destructive method and confocal technique, we design our TRPL system to be suitable for depth-resolved TRPL spectra acquisition.

Laser Wavelength:455nm

Micro Time-Resolved Photoluminescence Mapping / Fluorescent Lifetime Microscope (FLIM)

By having perfect synchronization between the TRPL system and our high-speed scanner, we upgrade the resolution of FLIM up to 1024x1024 instead of 32x32 from other systems.

Not only high-resolution but also a non-destructive method that has lossless images of TRPL mapping.

The software has an intuitive user interface that can fit TRPL decay with multiple decays and display the time constant and intensity by comprehensive 2D color images.

Laser Wavelength:455nm


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