Academic And Industrial R&D Inspection System

Academic And Industrial R&D Inspection System

JadeBio - Biomedical Inspection System

JadeBio is a fluorescent confocal imaging system that combines real-time, high-speed, and high-resolution scanning. It meets the imaging needs of independent laboratories or biomedical institutions. It can perform three-dimensional imaging of optical slices by upgrading and integrating with the existing fluorescent microscope system. Combining the modules with high sensitivity and high dynamic contrast, it can achieve high-resolution, low-destructive, and low-photobleaching sample observations in contrast to using a few watts of fluorescent excitation light source, and thus achieving more accurate, long-term, and complete 3D biological sample signal. By the integration of the XYZ platform for large image stitching, you can see the full picture of a large area of biological microscopic images. With the support of Southport’s rich spectroscopy experience, the biological optical measurement methods have been expanded. JadeBio can be upgraded to Raman spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, and other applications needed by the next generation. In addition, with the support of super-resolution optical technology, Southport SRM is currently possible to surpass the traditional optical limit. In the near future, we expect to reach a resolution of 100 nm or even 50 nm and overcome the limitation of requiring special dyes or special excitation methods.

In-vivo biological imaging

By the advantages of multi-photon imaging technology, JadeBio can inspect various living samples and directly observe physiological phenomena such as the repairing phenomenon of mouse hair follicles, the distribution of mouse brain nerves, and the pathological condition of the eye surface cells of the mouse, etc...

Living organism fixation module

The living organism is the most direct observation of biological samples, and it is also the most direct proof of biological tissue disease or repair status change. A good imaging system requires a platform with a large degree of freedom so that the optical system can directly perform high-resolution and long-term imaging on the organs or tissues of the organism. JadeBio provides such an interface so that all biological live images can be easily captured.


In model organisms, nematodes are commonly used. The transparent liquid cells inside can only be observed through a high-resolution confocal microscope. By using Southport’s JadeBio you can directly upgrade the client. You can see the nematode’s veciles, and you can also vision the internal structure of the internal organs.


Whether the drug particle is correctly uptake by the target cell is critical evidence in pharmacodynamics. Through the optical sectioning capability of JadeBio, we can easily indicate the uptaking when showing the overlapped images once we label the cell and the drug particle in different colors. Furthermore, through high-resolution imaging of JadeBio, we can investigate which organelle is interacting with the drug particles.


Through high-speed image capturing JadeBio can directly conduct the in vivo mouse brain imaging. Also, through long-term observation, the real-time physiological signal changes in the mouse brain can be analyzed and considered the most direct proof of the true physiological response.


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